Friday, July 17, 2009

Life since the wedding!

It's definately been a roller coaster. Jason and I are learning a lot about one another, and growing to love one another even more everyday. It's all about give and take...Hard pill to swallow when you've been independent for so long. With independence each of us have learned to take care of ourselves...So wouldn't that help us to take care of each other better?

I find myself sometimes looking at him for unbelievably long amounts of time, wondering what is going through his head! I know for the females reading this blog, I probably don't want to know. I wonder sometimes if he does the same thing? If you can read men's minds, and see Jason around, let me know how it goes...LOL!

As for what has been going on in our lives, we purchased a house at the end of March in North Little Rock. It is a great house with a lot of potential. So far, we have given the kitchen/breakfast nook and master bedroom a facelift. I love these rooms and can't wait to finish some more. My Jason is quite the hard worker, and without him, our house would still look like the 70's flashback. I should also thank our families for their extensive assistance in the house! They have been wonderful! I'll try to post some before and after pics soon! You won't believe the change!

I know that on this roller coaster there will be times when we hit a sharp curve or a deep dive, but as long as we stay strapped in, we'll arrive safely! Keep us in your prayers!

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