Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Baby

So it's a little soon to be talking about an actual baby, but we have recently gotten Charley and he is a wonderful little addition. Charley is 20 weeks old and weighs 5 pounds. He is a little shrimp, but we love him just the same. For those of you who haven't seen him, he is a miniature Yorkie, with a lot of spunk!

Since we got him about a week and a half ago, Charley has learned to Sit, Shake hands, lay down, and stay...it's the potty training that is a little bit of a challenge for him. We have had to discipline ourselves to be good parents for this dog. I think in all of this, we are learning a small bit about what it will take to be a parent. In all of the craziness, you have to organize when Charley will eat and how long you need to wait before you take him out, and how much exercise does he need? I am thankful for the responsibility that Charley is teaching us.

Just last night, Jason thought there might be something wrong because he was yawning a lot. Jason jumped into daddy mode and was trying to figure out if he had gotten hold of something while we were away from home. All this to say that Jason and I are truly blessed and are thankful for all that is going on in our lives.


  1. You know Jason is my other son! I love him as a son for sure, always have. I'm also glad he is taking care of you, and you he.
    May God continue to bless you as you grow.
    Love to you both.