Friday, August 21, 2009

Charley's bad day!

Well I wish I had more time to devote to this blog, but it seems like life runs together sometimes. I did feel like I should give everyone an update on Charley. He is still a wonderful "little" addition. Charley is weighing 6 pounds and it is all bones and fur.

Wednesday, Charley had a really bad day, and hopefully you can find as much humor in his bad day as I do now....not when it was happening.

So J and I were up at 6:00 getting ready for work and preparing Charley for his day when Charley decided he needed to go POTTY. Well in puppy terms that means he decided he would go on my new comforter...not a good choice Charley. So J took Charley outside while I cleaned up all of his mess. (Cleaning is not in my morning schedule)

When I arrived at the house for lunch, Charley was so happy to see me! We went outside and he played a lot. When we went back into the house, he and I sat down in the chair...Maybe it was the day or the temperature in the room, but Charley decided to go POTTY on the chair...not a good choice Charley.

When I got home from work, Charley appeared to be in a better frame of mind. He and I played outside and then continued to play inside. He had a great afternoon with mommy. It was only after church when he spent time with daddy that his bad day continued. J took Charley for a walk which Charley loves. When they got back home, Charley drank a gallon of water...well maybe not a gallon, but very close. I told J that was a bad idea!

Charley went upstairs to J's studio with him while J finished some recordings. As soon as J entered the recording booth, Charley stood up and went POTTY...not a good choice! J cleaned it up and then went back into the booth. Yep you guessed it, Charley stood up and went POTTY. At this point, J is not very happy. So he brought him back down stairs and took him outside. J decided to give him one more chance upstairs, and this time he would change the scenario. J took Charley into the sound booth...Yep you guessed it, Charley went POTTY in the sound booth. At this point, Charley was exhausted from his busy day. Charley curled up with me on the bed and fell fast asleep. Thankfully, Charley had not had any days like this since, but in the world of puppy, I know they are going to come. Hope you all got a giggle...I can smile about it now!

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